Themed Sessions and Cake Smashes

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Cake Options for Cake Smashes

You can bring in your own cake(s) or I can provide the cake for an additional fee ranging from $40 for a single tier/simple cake to $80 for a tiered/complicated cake.  Several example cakes that are available to you are shown in the Set Option images in the next section.

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Set Options for Themed Sessions or Cake Smashes

There are three options when designing a set for a Themed Session or Cake Smash Session:

1.  Choose an Existing Set:  I have several sets ready to go.  You can choose one that you like from the sample Set Option images shown below and we can use it exactly as pictured.

2.  Put A Spin On An Existing Set:  You can choose one of the sets I have and then change something about it to personalize it for your session.  You can also combine elements from the different sets I have.

3.  Design From Scratch:  We can design a custom set from the beginning based on things like your child's birthday party theme, your child's favorite book, or something that you have seen on the internet.

*Please note that original designs require 2 months planning time to ensure I can create the necessary set pieces.  Additional charges will apply depending on the complexity of the set design.  Call or email  for a quote on your dream set.

**Please also note that clothes are not included as part of the set design.  Parents must bring the clothes they would like for their child to wear.  I do have some outfits that have been donated to the studio.  These outfits are mentioned under the title of a set where they have been used before.

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