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We've all been there....We have promised ourselves that our kids won't be one of those children on a device 24/7. Some of us have even made a vow to keep our kids "device-free" until the age of 21....and then the day happens when we just need a couple of minutes to ourselves so that we can take an important phone call or finish a business transaction with the ability to hear ourselves.  Out comes the smart phone, landing quickly into the little palms of our darling children.  If a child is graced with a device, at least we can have them learn a little something while they are at it (right?!).  The following apps keep a child entertained while, at the same time, exercising their brain.

Apps from Originator Kids - This learning suite of apps is amazing and is generally geared toward early learners.  Their apps have won awards for their beautiful combination of entertaining animations and great early academic content.  All of these apps truly make learning fun.  They even pass the true test of being entertaining for adults as well as kids.  The following is just a partial list of their great apps.  To learn about their other wonderful apps, go to

Endless Alphabet 

My top (and family favorite) recommendation is Endless Alphabet.  My daughter absolutely loved this app and could play it for hours.  I think her love for words and her advanced vocabulary was developed in part by this learning program.  Children select a word from a monster's mouth and then the letters fall out of that word.  Kids move the letters back into the word template and each letter is sounded out as they do so (great for developing phonics and spelling skills).  The entire word is pronounced.  Then a series of adorable animated monsters do a little sketch demonstrating the meaning of that word with a definition provided by the warm and endearing voice the female narrator.  The link below shows a quick demonstration of the app:

Endless Reader

A companion app to Endless Alphabet, Endless Reader introduces "sight words," the most commonly used words in school, library, and children's books.  The structure is very similar to Endless Alphabet, using the same adorable creatures and narrator.  The app furthers learning with the introduction of words used in sentences with silly animated illustrations of those sentences.  Click on the link to see a sample of the app in action:

Endless Spanish

In this wonderful app by Originator, kids have fun learning frequently used Spanish words, including their context and usage with the help of the adorable Endless monsters.  The app structure is the same as Endless Reader. This app wasn't available when my daughter was young, but I really wish it had been.  I think she would have loved it.  The link below shows how the app works:

Endless Numbers

This app is similar in structure to Endless Alphabet, except that it introduces the concepts of numbers, how to pronounce them, and how they interact with each other.  What I love about this app is that it uses a lot of context clues in both the animations and the story narration so that kids learn, in what feels like, real-world situations.  See a preview of this app by clicking on the link below:

Math Tango

Created for kids aged 5-10, this app teaches the skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division through a combination of intuitive math puzzles and classic "world-building" activities.  As kids progress in their math learning, kids earn monsters, complete missions, and build out their own unique worlds.  For a full description of the app, click on the link below:

Apps from Art Gig Apps -  This suite of learning apps have garnered several awards, including a Parents Choice Silver Award, Best Logic App, and Top Kids Apps of 2016.  I've listed  two of their apps below, but there are several more to choose from.  To learn more about their available apps, go to ArtGigApps.

Mystery Math Town

This app was one of my daughter's absolute favorites and is designed for kids 6-12+.  Players help a friendly and curious little ghost rescue fireflies that are hidden in a variety of buildings within Mystery Math Town.  Players solve math problems to unlock rooms, staircases, and passageways.  While practicing their math skills, kids collect talking portraits of the townspeople who have plenty of interesting things to say.  A big bonus to this app is that the skills presented to your child are customizable and children develop math thinking by building equations.  Click on the link below to preview the app.

Mystery Math Museum

This app is the sequel to Mystery Math Town and has a similar structure.  Kids help a friendly and curious ghost rescue the dragonflies that are hidden in 8 themed museums as they use their math skills to unlock rooms and passages.  Just like Math Town, a child can choose what math skill they would like to work on (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and varied number representations).  See a preview of this app by clicking on the link below:

Apps from Dragon Box - This multi-award winning suite of apps was developed by a math teacher who found his students struggling to learn Algebra.  All of the games in this suite are designed with teachers, parents, and children in mind with the intention of making math learning fun and more intuitive.  I've listed just two of their apps below, but there are several more in the collection designed for kids aged 4 and up.  To see more of their apps, go to

Dragon Box Algebra 5+

This app, for kids 5 to 8 years old, is designed to get kids to unknowing use algebraic concepts and operations to solve game puzzles.  Little cards with drawings on them are slowly replaced with variables and numbers so that, little by little, a child learns the operations needed to isolate "X" on one side of the game board.  To see a preview of this app click on the link below:

Dragon Box Algebra 12+

This app, designed for kids 9 years and older, is the sequel to Algebra 5+ and has more levels and more advance equations.  Topics covered include Addition, Division, Multiplication, Use of Parentheses, Positive/Negative Signs, Fraction Addition, Collection of Like Terms, Factorization, and Substitution. To see a preview of this app in action, click on the link below:

Apps from Dan Russell-Pinson - Dan has developed several unique apps but the best one (and our family's absolute favorite) is listed below.

Monster Physics

My daughter and I absolutely LOVE this game!  Designed for kids 10 and up, players learn physics "hands-on" by building contraptions to complete missions where kids try to deliver a bit of food to an adorable monster. Many of the 50 missions are open-ended and can be solved in a variety of ways.  In completing a mission, kids are introduced to basic physics concepts such as friction, force, mass, and acceleration.  Kids have access to 68 different parts they can use to build working contraptions including wheels, rockets, propellers, cannons, magnets, and wings.  They can also choose from various building materials including metal, wood, plastic, rubber, and ice.  Once their contraptions are built, they can test them out to see how well their creation works to solve the mission. They can then redesign and rebuild to improve their contraptions if they don't solve the mission the first...or second time.

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