Prop, Background, and Color Palette Options


1. Choose a Prop:  The Prop section below shows the various props (ie. buckets, baskets, crates) I have available in the studio.  If you are doing a Mini Newborn Session, please select one prop.  If you are doing a Sleepy Newborn Session, please select two.

2.  Choose a Background:  From the Background section, select a background to go with your chosen prop(s).  Each prop can have its own background.  Some of the backgrounds are also shown in the sample prop images.

3. Choose a Color Palette:   From the Color Palette section, select the color combination you would like for your session.  You can select a single color palette or a combination (like Blue and Grey or Mauve with Neutrals):

PINKS (soft pink, dusty pink, deep peony pink, Sedona pink),

PURPLES (dark purple, eggplant, mauve),

BLUES (true blue, navy, robin's egg/sea glass),

GREENS (woodland greens, sea foam green), 

NEUTRALS (grey, white, cream, and tan), and

HARVEST colors (brown/tan, burnt orange, mustard, rust, and redwood - a nice alternative to pink).  

4.  Artist's Choice:  Having trouble choosing?  I frequently have new things I would like to try.  Simply tell me the general color palette you prefer (ie. pinks) and I can pick the props and their corresponding backgrounds for you.

** To enlarge an image or to see more examples, click (or tap) on an image of interest **



Color Palettes

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