Prop, Background, and Color Palette Options


1. Choose a Prop:  The Prop section below shows the various props (ie. buckets, baskets, crates) I have available in the studio.  If you are doing a Mini Newborn Session, please select one prop.  If you are doing a Sleepy Newborn Session, please select two.

2.  Choose a Background:  From the Background section, select a background to go with your chosen prop(s).  Each prop can have its own background.  Some of the backgrounds are also shown in the sample prop images.

3. Choose a Color Palette:   From the Color Palette section, select the color combination you would like for your session.  I have PINKS (soft pink, ballet pink, dusty pink, deep peony pink, Sedona pink), MAUVE, PURPLES (grape, lavender, eggplant), BLUES (true blue, Robin's Egg / Sea Glass blue), GREENS (woodland greens, sea foam green), GRAY, WHITE, NEUTRALS (cream, tans and browns), and HARVEST colors (burnt orange, mustard, and rust in combination with tans and browns).  You can also select a color combination (like Blue and Grey or Mauve and Neutrals) but I highly recommend that you select a palette where the colors are similar in value.

4.  Artist's Choice:  Having trouble choosing?  I frequently have new things I would like to try.  Simply tell me the general color palette you prefer (ie. pinks) and I can pick the props and their corresponding backgrounds for you.



Color Palettes

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