The following images show some of the locations where I like to photograph.  Please read the description below each image to learn the pros and cons of that location and the time at which the light is best. 

Lighting can make or break a session.  I generally photograph 1 to 1.25 hours before the sun goes down in an area as that is when the light is soft and the most flattering.  At the height of summer (the longest day of the year, June 20th), the sun goes down at 9 pm in open sky areas which would put our start time at 7:45 pm.  By mid-September, sunset is 7 pm so our start time can be at 5:45 pm.  Some areas are a bit more shady, allowing for an earlier start time.  When deciding on a location or shoot date, you can click on the "Sunset Times" button below to check times for sunset in the Gorge area.  Use the information to determine if a location at a certain time of year will work for you. 

***To see more images from a particular location, click on the sample image***

Location One

Pros: Small Child Friendly, Close to White Salmon, Great views of the Columbia River

Cons:  Not appropriate for folks who have trouble walking on hills and uneven ground.

Lighting:  Open sky - Start time is 1 hour before sunset.  The lighting at this location is best from mid-April through August.  Outside of that time period, the light is best on mostly cloudy to cloudy days.

Description: Location One has absolutely incredible views of the Columbia River and is easily accessed from the road.  The path to the shooting location is uneven however and is not appropriate for folks who have trouble walking.  There are lots of different mini-locations within this one location so you will get a large variety of images.  The temperature tends to drop toward the end of a session here, so always bring sweaters or wraps to help keep warm.  These extra outer layers can add even more variety to your session images, so bring something lovely.   The wind at this location can gust up to 20 miles an hour on really windy days so a back up location will need to be selected.

Location Two

Pros:  Incredible views of the Columbia River Gorge with fun water access.  Beautiful fall colors.

Cons:  Can be extremely busy in the summer time.

Lighting:  Full Sun - Start time 1 hour before sunset.

Description:  This amazing sand and water location offers a wide variety of places to photograph.  In the summer, we can include images of you playing in the water.

Location Three

Pros: Small Child Friendly, Great for large families, Good for people who have trouble walking, Close to White Salmon, Wildflowers in spring, Beautiful grasses in summer, Great Fall Leaves, Access to White Salmon River.

Cons:  Non

Lighting:  Open Sky and Shaded areas- Start times for families with very small children can be as early as 2 hours before sunset.

Description:  This beautiful park just north of White Salmon is easily accessed from a parking lot making it a great place for large family portraits.  It has a lovely nature trail for families that can walk a bit further to areas with wildflowers in the spring and evergreen trees year round.  For those who can manage uneven ground and hills, there is access to the White Salmon River.

Location Four

Pros: Dramatic stair-stepped waterfalls surrounded by beautifully contrasting black rocks, Close to White Salmon

Cons:  Very rocky and uneven ground.  Rapidly moving and deep water.  Ten minute hike down into the canyon from the parking lot.  Not appropriate for very small children who don't like to be held or people who have trouble walking on rocky terrain.  

Lighting:  Extremely Shaded- Start times can be as early as 2 hours before sunset or a couple of hours after sunrise.

Description:  This stunning location is a collapsed lava tube and has the most incredible series of stair-stepped waterfalls flowing over beautiful black rocks.  At certain times of the year, the water is a lovely aqua  color.  The deep canyon walls block a lot of sunlight so the area is best for smaller families up for adventure.  Small children must be looked after at all times.  I suggest bringing an extra person (who will not be having their picture taken) to help watch children when its not their turn to be photographed.  Parents are solely responsible for the safety of their children.  This area is best photographed in summer and fall as melting snow tends to flood the area at other times.

Location Five

Pros:  An incredible waterfall with child friendly shallow waters and a beautiful grassy area to add variety to your image gallery.   A quick and easy hike from a parking lot, Close to White Salmon.

Cons: The waterfall is located in a narrow canyon making this location best for small families.  Not appropriate for people who have trouble walking on rocky and wet terrain.

Lighting:  Extremely Shaded - At the height of the summer, the light is good at 9 am making this a great place for young children.

Description:  The base of this beautiful waterfall is fairly shallow allowing families to play in the water.  There are plenty of rocks to sit and play on as well a narrow beach.  The water is cold and the approach to the shooting location requires a person to walk through the water.  Sturdy water shoes should be worn and can be removed once we arrive at the shooting location.  The area also has a lovely grassy area with wild flowers great for the second half of a session.

Location Six

Pros:  Beautiful view of Mt. Hood surrounded by dense forest with access to lovely river streams.  Easy access from a parking lot with lots of places to play in gentle, shallow water and on large boulders.

Cons:  The area is very rocky and hilly.  Not appropriate for people who have trouble walking or rocky and wet terrain. 

Lighting:  Open Sky and Shaded Areas - Start time is 1 hour before sunset.

Description:  This wonderland is at the base of Mt. Hood about an hour away from White Salmon/Hood River.  A terrific place for young kids who love to play on rocks and splash in the gentle waters of the many streams in the area.

Location Seven

****This Location has just recently closed down with a change in ownership/management.  Not sure when it will be open again.*****

Pros:  Absolutely gorgeous views of Mt. Hood nestled in among beautiful lavender fields.  Super easy access from a parking lot. Great for maternity and small family sessions.

Cons:  The owner of this location charges a fee in order to photograph here after hours ($200 paid directly to the owner of the lavender field).  The fields are open from Memorial Day weekend until the weekend after labor day. 

Lighting:  Open Sky and Shaded Areas - Start time is 1 hour before sunset.

Description:  This beautiful, well-manicured lavender field provides some of the most incredible views of Mt. Hood.  The lavender itself is dense with vibrant purple blooms and provides amazing color.  The location is relatively flat making it easy to walk through the fields.  The Lavender plants in front of the mountain bloom Mid-July through August.

Location Eight

Pros:  A beautiful location near the Columbia River with golden grasses and incredible rock formations to climb on.  Easy access from the freeway and a 5-10 minute  hike from a paved parking lot. 

Cons: A Discover Pass is required to park in the parking lot.  The pass can be purchased at the lot.  Very rocky terrain. Not appropriate for people who have trouble walking on uneven surfaces.

Lighting:  Open Sky and Shaded Areas - Start time is 1 hour before sunset.

Description:  The geology of this location is incredible and provides plenty of fun places to photograph, from large boulders to golden grasses, with a beautiful view of the river. The colors are maximized if a family wears warm neutral colors, like rusts, chocolate browns, tans, camel, and burnt orange.  Try to stay away from wearing blue at this location.  This location has wonderful wind breaks when the wind in The Gorge is gusting 20 miles/hour.  It is a great back up location to Location #1 if the wind is too high.

Location Nine

Pros:  Private Property surrounded by fir trees with easy access and complete privacy.  It has 360 degree mountain top views which means I can photograph from any angle as you play as a family.  The property is fairly level so kids have lots of safe places to run.

Cons:  The property is sometimes rented out on the weekends for weddings so we would need to schedule your session for a weekday evening at the height of wedding season.  Although the terrain is not hilly, the ground is uneven in some places.

Lighting:  Open Sky - Start time is 1 hour before sunset.

Description:  This incredible  location is on top of a mountain in the White Salmon area and is private property to which I have access (a friend's property).  There is a road that leads directly to the location so no hiking is necessary.  Once there, this private spot has lots of level ground to run and play on.  It is surrounded by lovely fir trees and dried grasses in the late summer and early fall.  In the spring, the fields are filled with gorgeous purple wildflowers.  

Location Ten

Pros:  Beautiful fall colors and river access with gentle sloping gravel beach.  On hot days, kids can play at the edge of the river.  

Cons:  Although parking is right next to the nature preserve, it is a steep hike to the river's edge.  

Lighting: Partially open skies - Start time is 1-1/2 hours before sunset.

Description:  This beautiful nature preserve is located just south of Hood River.  The hike down to the river is through a lovely forested area and there are lots of rocks to play on at the river's edge.  The water and canyon walls make for some dramatic imagery.

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